Monday, October 8, 2012

For the Love of... Putting it all out there. Really?!

This past week, since the voting began for #SYTYCW2012 (So You Think You Can Write 2012), I have come to realize several things about myself:

1.  Yes, I will absolutely do whatever is necessary to win this competition because I believe in my ability.  I KNOW that I can write, and I do it damn well.  I can actually SEE it taking me somewhere now, whereas I never really felt that way before.  Before, it was a foggy dream, an aspiration, a some-day, maybe so kind of dream.  No longer.

2.  Yes, I will promote my work.  Yes, I will shamelessly beg and plead for votes.  Yes, I will send reminder emails and spam-like emails to people I hardly know in order to get votes and to go forward in the competition all while apologizing profusely for having to do so.  Yes, I will tweet more in a week than I have the entire time I've had my Twitter account.  And, yes, I will even withstand the sneers of other trying-to-be authors for doing, repeatedly, all of the above. 

But I have, and I will, hate every minute of it because I HATE the feeling that now everyone knows my business.  The thought of facing everyone -- figurativly speaking, of course -- if I don't make it, is utterly crushing.  Oh, the agony of the embarrassment of such a public failure will be gut wrenching.  Nauseating and horrifying all rolled into one. 

For once, I think, there will be no words.

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  1. Howdy Rebecca
    I'm much happier interacting over a blog v Twitter and I only recently got on to Facebook... dragged kicking and screaming. I've liked watching the Twitter conversation on SYTYCW tho, and seeing who is out there etc. Promote yourself all the way, why not? At the weekend I took a look at Superromance, which is the category I entered, and I rated a top 5 from that. Yours was one I liked.
    It looks like a lot of people enjoy your writing and that means your promotions must be working too.
    Good luck with your entry. (Anita Weeks/Lily Malone)